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  •  With MF Custom Video it’s easy to instruct your own fetish movie, with your favorite Brazilian models!


How does it work?


your script or fantasy, as simplified as possible.


your favorite models to perform in the scene.


your order request.


our reply, follow up questions, and final offer.


via the payment information provided in the offer.


We will produce the clip, and send it to you typically within a week.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Typically we ask $200-250 per model, per scene. If the genre is a bit more extreme or special, or the script is being complex.  Then our offer may be a bit higher.

How long can a scene be?

This is really up to you as the instructor, but our standard length is 25-30 minutes. This is also what the price estimate is based upon.

What genres can you produce for me?

Have a look at our websites such as,, clips4sale stores, and other channels. This should give you a really good impression, of the types of content that we are able to produce.

I want a specific model, but she is not to be found on your model’s page.

We try to keep our models page as up-to-date as possible. Next to this our recommendation is to look though our sites, for models that have recently filmed with us. Please understand, that is 99,9% of cases, is not possible to get models back that filmed with us maybe 8 years ago. Models who are not in our model overview, and who have not filmed with us recently are generally no longer available. 

How can I pay?

By IBAN bank wire in €, by PayPal in $, by Paxum e-wallet, or by cryptocurrencies BTC, LTC (recommended), and USDT (TRC20).

How will I receive the movie, and in what quality will it be?

We will provide a download link, typically 1-2 days after the scene was recorded. You will receive either a FULL HD or a 4K version.

Who holds the copyright to the movie?

We do. Our standard offer, simply allows you to instruct the scene, and to be the first person to receive a copy. We will typically release the scene to our platforms, within a month of you receiving the first copy.